Friday, June 13, 2014

Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley

In the very tipsy welterweight division comes to an interesting clash between aspiring to fight for the championship belt Rory MacDonald (16-2, 7-2 UFC) and Tyrone Woodley'em (13-2, 3-1 UFC).
The Canadian won 6 of the last 7 matches, yielding only challenger Robbie Lawler former, while the American came out victorious with 3 of the last 4 fights, winning the last extremely valuable scalp in the person of Carlos Condit. Theoretically eliminator to fight for the championship belt with Johnny Hendricks will encounter Lawler said Matt Brown, but I can imagine that some spectacular victory MacDonald or Woodley'a order of the race for the gold would compromise. The fight will take place, therefore, a very high rate.
In the plane Stójków both players have in common is that they are fighting with the classical position - the rest of their shares. MacDonald is a fighter who definitely feels the best fighting in the distance kickbokserskim, bumping him with blows and kicks straight, to which, moreover, well predispose him good physical condition, which is towered over opponents. It is worth noting that the Ares plane Stójków fights in recent times very asekurancko, focusing on that to not be hit by / fallen, possibly the goalie score points. Finitely fight before the time is far behind in the list of its priorities. Completely shot the tiny BJ Penn, but he could not, did not try to finish it, but the opportunity for doing so do not miss - even with a patch that is a piece of Hawaiian tough. Safely wypunktował a straight left Jake Ellenberger cowed, but the attempt to harness the same tactics against mańkutowi in the person of Robbie Lawler backfired. In his last fight, against Demianowi Mai, Canadian battered by two rounds of the Brazilian distance, but despite the fact that the latter since the mid-duel played the role of a zombie, Ares was not able to finish it.

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